How to Brave Back to School Season the Natural Way

It’s hard to believe that school is just around the corner. And if you’re like us, our end of Summer to-do list seems never-ending! Between the shuffling of kids back and forth from activities to balancing all those work/home tasks—not to mention fitting in time just for you—it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day, and certainly not enough energy to get it all done.

It may seem like you have to pump yourself with coffee and energy drinks to conquer your colossal to-do list, but it might be time to consider a natural alternative for the long-lasting boost you crave. 

Move Forward with Energy and Focus, Naturally

Energy drinks can be alluring with their bold packaging and punchy promises, but what’s inside is far less tantalizing to us: tons of preservatives, sugar, and processed caffeine. Lucky for us (and you!) we did some digging and uncovered the unique, energizing properties of Guarana and Ginseng

Did you know that the seeds of the Amazon basin-native Guarana plant, when crushed to a powder, are an excellent source of all-natural caffeine? And Panax Ginseng is believed to offer an additional natural burst of energy, allowing you to stay focused and productive. These premium botanicals are at the foundation of our clean, all natural Awakening Natural Energy & Focus formula; it’s packed with Guarana Extract, Red Panax Ginseng, our OXYGEN 7 Plant Sourced Enzyme Complex, and over 25 active plant-based ingredients, enzymes and easily-absorbed minerals. Our favorite part? It’s sugar free, has no preservatives, and the capsule is completely vegan and gluten-free. As one user stated, “It’s a perfect solution for days when my list is long and I need a boost to power through. No side effects, and cheaper and healthier than the energy drinks we used before.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Find Your Focus

It’s no secret that we’re no good on the road in a foggy state, especially with loved ones in tow. Early mornings can be a difficult time for so many of us, and hopping in the car for a commute or dropoff feeling chipper and alert is sometimes easier said than done. 

Do you find yourself having trouble waking up in the morning? We have some suggestions that may prove to be helpful! Try letting some bright light stream into your room—it will help send a message to your body that it’s time to start the day. Plus, some studies show this exposure can improve our mood, energy, productivity and alertness. You can also try splashing some cold water on your face, biting into a lemon slice, playing some upbeat or motivational music, or gently stretching your muscles. Some folks find that the addition of our Awakening formula helps shake off that early morning brain fog, and gives just the right amount of clarity—which is crucial when getting on the road. 

Calm The Crash

Ever heard of the phrase “sugar high?” When we consume beverages with high levels of sugar, like most common energy drinks, our insulin levels spike, giving us an all too-temporary jolt of energy before our fatigue sets right back in. This may spur us to consume more than is recommended, and since many of these drinks contain high levels of caffeine, we may experience unwanted side-effects like an increased heart rate, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, insomnia, dehydration, and restlessness.

Just when we thought the natural caffeine superstar Guarana couldn’t get any cooler, we learned it contains special molecules called tannins, which help slow the caffeine's release. This means our thoughtfully crafted Awakening formula can create a long-lasting sense of energy without the nervous jitters and mid day slump that comes with those extra sweet, highly caffeinated beverages. Some users choose to forgo coffee altogether, saying it’s their new favorite way to start their day. One mom shared that it gave her the energy needed to work and take care of the household and kids. Sounds like the fuel all moms need!

A Trusted Solution For the Whole Family

Our natural supplements have been trusted for over a quarter of a century. With a history like this, you may decide Awakening is the next best addition to your family’s wellness routine. After all, moms like you are not the only ones who can use an extra boost of natural energy as the school bell rings! High school and college students alike have shared in the benefits. 

Take another user and fellow mom’s story for example: “My older kids have even used it to help get through some homework assignments and long hours at work. I highly recommend this product as an alternative to unhealthy options. This is one supplement I always want to keep in my cupboard!” 

No matter what your days look like, a full night’s sleep, plenty of water, and healthy eating habits can contribute to an overall feeling of wellness—and with the addition of natural tools like Awakening, you may move forward feeling more energized, focused, and present to enjoy all that this upcoming season has in store for you and your family. 

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