Awakening - Natural Energy & Focus Formula

Awakening - Natural Energy & Focus Formula

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Energy To Last You Through The Day


Say goodbye to fake, preservative-packed energy drinks for good! Get your daily lift the healthy way with Awakening® Natural Energy & Focus. This thoughtfully-crafted, clean formula is packed with premium botanicals—guarana extract, red panax ginseng, easily-absorbed minerals, and active plant-based enzymes. The sugar-free, slow-release formula in our vegetarian, gluten-free capsules helps you feel energized and productive, giving you the energy you need without the crash.*

Nutritional Support

• Long lasting focus*

• Sustained endurance*

• Increased mental clarity*

• Improved well-being*

• Supports maintaining normal blood sugar levels*



How does Awakening give me energy?

Its main ingredient is guaranine, a naturally occurring substance similar to caffeine. It is known to increase mental alertness, fight fatigue, and increase stamina and physical endurance. It can also help increase mental clarity.

What is the difference between the caffeine in Awakening and the caffeine in energy drinks?

The caffeine in Awakening is primarily naturally occurring caffeine that does not give you the shakes or jitters like processed, anhydrous caffeine, found in most energy drinks. Awakening contains a safe amount of guaranine, which has a similar structure to caffeine, but does not let you down like anhydrous caffeine and is arguably much safer.

Why don’t I “crash” after coming down off Awakening?

Guarana is made of fatty seeds, which are not easily water-soluble, causing it to release slowly into the body. Because of this slow release, you don’t feel a sudden caffeine high; nor do you feel a crash, like from caffeine found in coffee, tea and soft drinks. 


 Awakening Formula Supplement Facts


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