TriGuard Plus Adventure Pack

TriGuard Plus Adventure Pack

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Made in the USA

3 Must-Have Outdoor Products in 1 Kit

Triguard® Plus 30 mL Concentrate, Multi-Use Topical Relief Gel, and #1 selling product Soothing Nasal Spray are all crafted with our signature OLE-100® Complex - a blend of Olive Leaf Extract, European Elderberry, and Structured Silver Water.

Made for outdoor adventures everywhere and to support your body's natural immune response.* Need a boost to help fight off that seasonal cold or flu?* How about sweet relief from common skin ailments when exploring the great outdoors or a product that may reduce irritating sinus allergies?* Get on-the-go relief you can trust with the Triguard Plus Adventure Pack! Made in the USA in an FDA registered facility.


TriGuard Plus Natural Immune Support Concentrate Dropper 30 mL

  • throat spray
  • spray on skin
  • spray on fruits and vegetables
  • spray on toys / hands / countertops
  • cleansing / disinfectant solution for floors & surfaces

TriGuard Plus Soothing Nasal Spray 60 mL

  • nasal spray

TriGuard Plus Multi-Use Topical Relief Gel

  • topical (external use only)
  • rub on skin

Nutritional & Topical Support

  • infections*
  • bacteria / parasites / fungi*
  • microbes*
  • pathogens*
  • minor burns & bites
  • minor cuts & scrapes
  • sunburns
  • razor burn (face & body)
  • yeast / candida*
  • jock itch



How do I take this? 

As a dietary supplement, at first signs of depressed resistance, take 1 full dropper (approx. 30 drops) in a little water, once or twice daily for two weeks. For Intensive Use: Take 1 full dropper in a little water 3 times daily or as directed by your physician. Read accompanying brochure for other precautions and household uses.

What is OLE-100 Complex?

A unique & proprietary blend of highly concentrated Olive Leaf Extract (alcohol-free, processed with low-heat}, a water-soluble, ingestible-grade Tea Tree Oil and a very unique formula of Structured Silver Water (from 99.99% pure silver). These ingredients are carefully blended into an extremely potent compound that has been highly effective for many individuals with challenging health concerns.

Is it safe? 

Absolutely it's safe. It is a nutrition supplement - not a drug! You can use it both internally and topically. Do not put in eyes. If irritation persists, discontinue use and consult a physician.

Product Info

For Nutritional & Topical Support / Directions / Cautions / Ingredients click on a product below:

TriGuard Plus

Soothing Nasal Spray

Multi-Use Topical Relief Gel

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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